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Postcards from A Saint is a research website that has been created to explore and document my inquiry into both reflexivity, imagination and intertextuality in my art practice, as I recall, revisit and research cultural and historical figures who influenced my formative years.  I research records which are extant and readily available on the internet, encouraging reflexivity, generating new meaning, new art works, videos, souvenirs and texts.  My output is disseminated across this site, YouTube and Instagram.  

From twelve possible candidates, I have chosen six; Rudolph Valentino, Enid Blyton, Norma K. Hemming, Orson Welles, Charlotte Brontë and Vincent van Gogh.  Each tab or image links to each research page.

Rudolph Valentino Postcards from a Saint

The first video art work is ‘Postcard from a Saint’, created using found texts which have been juxtaposed, generating new meanings and interpretations.

The music is Female - Bedroom Beat (Feat. Big Jackson) by Kunze








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